Did you know? Bedrock Granite Company is now offering, professional ServicesRepair's to suit your every need. From Alterations to Drilling holes, Stone cleaning & sealing to Seam, Crack and Chip repair, Re-Mounting sinks and Re-Caulking Backsplash. We’ve got you covered!

Strip and Seal

Protect your countertops

Take advantage of our special offer of $179.00 (A $299 Value)

  • Clean and Remove Old Sealer
  • Eliminate Dirt, Oils and Other Grime
  • Remove Germs, Build-Up & Hard Water
  • Renew the Lustrous Shine of Your Countertops
  • Seal & Protect Your Surface from Staining
  • Protect Your Investment

15 Years manufacture warranty

Are you protected? Our Premium Sealer will keep your Stone Protected for 10 – 15 Years. Ask about our Lifetime Sealer with 15 Year written warranty.

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*Product / service disclaimer: All stones react differently to cleaning, sealing, seaming and repair. Results are not typical, individual results may vary. No guarantee or warranty is implied. 

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