A template is a replica of your new counter top that we create using digital laser technology. In most cases, existing countertops must be removed prior to templating. This is something you are responsible for. You should also be aware that you will be without a functional kitchen from template until installation. With RE, that’s about a week. With other companies you may wait 2-3 weeks or longer.

When we template, we’ll need on-hand anything that will touch the stone on site—sink(s), faucet(s), appliances, etc. Without these items we may not be able to proceed.

You may determine the following items when we template your project:

Overhangs — 1-1/2” is standard in the front of cabinets, but stone can overhang up to 10”, provided there is at least 20” of counter-balanced stone to act as a cantilever. Longer overhangs or shorter supports require further support.

Corners — We produce corners with a 1/8” radius unless otherwise specified, but your imagination is the limit! We can do fancy curves, clipped corners or odd angles, just let us know.

Edges — We offer many different edges, from slightly eased to “roped” to chiseled. This is a nice way to customize your design scheme.

Seams — We will work with your design to produce a top with as few seams as possible (or none!), while keeping in mind slab size and weight, and things like stairways and low ceilings that affect our installation crews. When we do have to seam material, we may use multiple colors of epoxy to distract the eye from seeing a straight line: this minimizes their appearance. We will often use a ‘Euro Seam’ at corners, which by its shape also minimizes their visibility. We use a state of the art seaming machine that allows us to produce very tight seams and to even remove slight humps that may exist in the slabs. We are proud of the craftsmanship we employ to make beautiful seams.

Finish — While polished is still the most popular, there are other finishes available for your countertop. (See the previous question about finishes.)