We will:
  • Contact you to schedule your template and installation appointments (installation usually occurs 3-5 days after templating).
  • Conduct Ourselves Professionally and with courtesy, efficiency and clear communication on site.
  • Make Minor Structural Adjustments to your cabinets if necessary.
  • Mount Your Sink(s) if they are undermount.
  • Install the Stone you chose.
  • Glue Your Seam(s) and fill gaps at walls and cabinets.
  • Clean Up After Ourselves, including trash removal and polishing the stone.

If there are gas or electrical connections that need to be disconnected to accommodate the installation of your stone, this needs to be done before we arrive.

After our work is finished and your stone is installed, it’s time to have your plumber or electrician complete the necessary connections. This includes attaching faucets (plus their accessories such as sprays, soap dispensers, etc.), completing any plumbing or electrical connections, attaching your dishwasher, and similar tasks.

Since we’re not insured or licensed for this type of work, we’re unable to provide these services.

A few simple steps are all you need to take.
  • Remove all contents from your sink base cabinet. We will remove the upper drawers because we’ll be working through them to install your stone. If you would like to avoid any dirt getting in your other base cabinets or lower drawers, they should be emptied as well.
  • Clear a path for us to carry the stone into your house and to the installation. For example, clear any construction material, ice and snow before we arrive. Each piece of stone can weigh up to several hundred pounds, so safety is a mandatory requirement.
Other than that, you can expect the installation to take a few hours. Then you can fall in love with your new stone and enjoy it for years to come.