This was my first experience with granite countertops. It  took me a while to find my granite so I visited with several wholesalers and  installers along the way. When I first went to Bedrock, I was educated by Joe on  a lot of the issues with installing multiple pieces of granite. He also  introduced me to the term of “bookmatched”. After I left I was on a mission to  find my flowing, book matched granite. After I selected my granite, I became very  concerned with the location of my one seam, as well as matching up the pattern.  My granite has a definitive flow about it and one section has a lot of detail  that I wanted on my peninsula. I didn’t know how to get the detailed portion on  my peninsula while still having a nice seam that continued the flow down the  rest of the countertop. Most of the second piece of granite would be needed to  cover the remaining distance, so there were few options to make the cut for the  seam. Joe said three of them met to discuss the options after I expressed what I  wanted. Not only did the pieces come out beautiful, they cut the detailed  portion of the second piece for my side area so that you could see it along the  edge. I couldn’t be more happy with my kitchen. All the other choices were made  after the granite was selected. The staff helped me with the cabinet and floor  color selections to ensure that everything complimented each other. My friends  say I have an HGTV kitchen!