Steve Borsher/Deb Aubin

Bedrock installed some granite in our old house as a  selling upgrade, and they did such a great job that we had them come all the way  down to Galilee to install granite in our new house down here. They did the  entire kitchen counter area, the dining room hutch counter, and the bi-level  bar, all in the same type of granite. It took 4 slabs. Mary helped us pick out  the slabs and showed us how they were to be cut. They did a wonderful job  positioning the cuts, so that the large curved kitchen island and the top of the  bar were each done in one piece. They were also very careful with the cuts in  the positioning of the best features of the stone. It took them an entire day to  do the whole job, and they did it neatly, with no dust in the house. They did  the final cuts polishing outdoors, and when it started to rain, they just threw  up a canopy and kept on working. We will be asking them to come back when we  upgrade our bathrooms. They have a “state of the art” facility, and are really  nice people too.