Jeffrey & Karen Francoeur

My wife and I recently bought our first home and Karen  wanted a peninsula in the kitchen. Now it already had granite in it, and it  looks great, and of course we wanted the counter-top to match. Our first stop  was The Home Depot. Well lets just say we walked out of there feeling our  peninsula idea might not come to fruition because we were told they had a $1500  minimum on all their granite. That is a lot of money for a piece of granite 5’ x  3.’ One day, while driving through Norton, I passed Bedrock Granite. Then  decided to give them a try. The woman in the showroom was helpful and told me  she could work with me on the dimensions I needed. I left with a sample of what  looked like our granite. It was not a match. A couple days later Karen and I  returned and another saleswoman brought us out to where the granite is on  display. She found us the granite we needed. Now our kitchen looks great and we  were able to have what we wanted for less than half of what The Home Depot  quoted us. Thank you so much.