Bill & Pam Sunderland

Simply put, I found Bedrock Granite to be head and  shoulders above its competition. In planning my installation of granite  countertops, I met with 6 different granite companies. None left me with the  confidence and positive feeling that I had with Bedrock. The countertops are  installed & look great. But more than that, it was about the people at Bedrock.  Mary was very patient in the selection process. And, it was a pleasant surprise  to find that both owners Joe & Bert would be at my installation to make sure all  was done correctly. In addition, I had the desire to use a cast iron under-mount  sink rather than a stainless steel sink. The other companies that quoted the job  only wanted to use the stainless steel type and could offer me only limited  direction with regard to my cast iron choice. Once again, Bedrock came through  and connected me directly with their plumber Scott who did a perfect job  installing the sink. In summary, you will find that Bedrock will give you a very  competitive price & high quality work. In addition, they handle all aspects of  the job including tear out of your old countertops, installation of new, and the  plumbing. Most other companies expect you to subcontract the plumbing which can  be a headache. I highly recommend Bedrock Granite without any reservation.